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how do i get myself to believe step 2

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    Step 2 and 3 (mostly 2) was impossibly difficult for me as well.

    We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    As I was talking about it with my sponsor she said, if there was a higher power that is looking out for me what characteristics would that power be made up of?

    This was easier for me to grasp. As we sat at her dining room table she patiently waited, I wrote down those characteristics that are important to me….and for me it had mostly to do with what I believe to be right or wrong and things I personally value.

    I wrote down things like tolerant, non-judgemental, open-minded, loving, sense of humor, available, beautiful and so on.

    When I was finished she had me read them to her. When I finished reading, she said that’s it! That’s your Higher Power.

    For Step 3 it was someone here at 12 Step National Meetings who wrote something that helped me with this. This 12 Step National Meetings member suggested that if one has a problem with the word or concept of “God” to replace “God” with Good” in the readings. So I did that and this is what my step 3 looks like…..

    We made a decsion to turn our will and our lives over to the care of Good, as we understood Good.

    Kinda weird but it totally works for me!

    It’s an ongoing process to see Good working in my life. It’s the little things that I’m noticing more and more. I’m finally figuring out that the more I stop fighting it, the more available it becomes. What will be…..will be and is meant to be.

    This doesn’t mean that I am helpless though. I still have to make choices and do the right thing.

    So far, so Good. 🙂



    @mise06 2872667 wrote:

    I believe that its up to me to get myself clean, god is not going to do that for me. So a greater power has to restore me to sanity. Im not sure if i believe this. Is it not through will power, perserverance, time and being clean that i will be restored to sanity.

    How can i move to step 3 if i dont believe step 2?

    Hi Mise,

    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings.

    In NA (or AA, for that matter), sponsorship is crucial. I say this because without sponsorship (or the help of the fellowship) we end up trying to do this thing called recovery on our own. Sure…we are responsible for our own recovery and it is true that God (whatever we understand God to be) will not do everything for us…but part of our responsibility involves accepting the help that’s available and doing something different. I mean…if I had not exhausted all attempts to recover on my own, I would’ve never came to NA. Will power or “strength” wasn’t enough for me and I needed help to get time and learn how to STAY clean.

    I emphasize the need for and acceptance of help because these are some of the foundations of the 1st Step. Without help from a sponsor or the fellowship, many newer members fail to understand the paradox of surrendering to win…they fail to fully understand powerlessness. When we get honest and take a good hard look at what got us to where we are, the evidence is usually overwhelming that we can’t/couldn’t control our addiction with self-will, positive thinking or perserverance. Until we are able to admit and accept complete defeat, we are almost certain to “try it again” on our own. So I agree with Kjell…a review of Step 1 may be neccessary before tackling the concepts of insanity and restoration. Most of us cannot get the 2nd step if we haven’t got the 1st step.

    Another thing you may want to consider is that Step 2 says that a power “greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity,” it doesn’t say God will. Although many members refer to this “power” as God, our program tells us that we can call it whatever we choose. The power that restores you can be the group (fellowship) or the program itself. And as Dgillz mentioned, being restored isn’t an event. Since we didn’t become addicts overnight, being restored can be a lifetime process.

    The 2nd Step is about hope. If you want to believe the 2nd Step…all you have to do is look around a meeting at all the members that found recovery.




    step 2 also says “could restores us to sanity”…it does not say it will

    Like has already been shared, when we accept our powerlessness over our addiction we are then ready to seek a power greater than our own (which is a change in our thinking, we weren’t doing this before) to help restore us to sanity.

    After all, it’s insane to continue down the same path (doing drugs) over and over again as though we can control it and in denial that it is progressively getting worse.

    I agree it is crucial to seek the guidance and empathy from a sponsor. Someone who has experienced each step can help you along your path to freedom from active addiction.

    There is an important part in the step 2 section of our Basic Text:
    “Some of us didn’t take this step seriously at first; we passed over it with a minimum of concern, only to find the next steps would not work until we worked Step Two.”

    Good for you for asking a very good question.


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