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how do i get myself to believe step 2

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    We all belive. You dont lack belive. We all live in accordance to our beliefs.
    Not beliving in god or a hp is a belief system.
    You believed drugs and your dealer gave you the ultimate wahtever.

    Step 3 in the it works how and why.
    This statement or sentence might help you. It helped me becuase I don’t belive
    in GOD, HP or whatever entity that’s going to change my life or fix me.
    It also states god takes cares of my spiritual needs but if i want a job, educations, relationships…etc I need to take ACTIONS.

    “Some of us turn our will and lives over to spiritual principles”

    Spirituality is different for everyone. We all have different perceptions and understanding
    of life.

    What are some spiritaul principles and healthy living tools I can apply in my life?

    “keep it simple stupid”.lol
    ” love myself”
    ” be grateful”
    “be happy”
    ” faith”
    “be happy”
    ” let go”
    “self acceptence”



    Wow….I still thought this was the Narcotics Anonymous forum. :rotfxko

    Since a statement of mine from another thread was taken out of context and included in this discussion, I am curious as to why it was deemed necessary to expound so heavily on the AA program in the NA forum to a poster who hasn’t responded in two months.

    @ethanol0 2952311 wrote:

    I see Gmoney’s comment to someone on another thread:

    …..I didn’t post here to be superior or anti-NA. Thanks.

    Although I found what you wrote interesting and fundamentally in-line with what NA teaches about Step 2…..

    oh…never mind….lol



    Man,wish folks would pick a program and work it,not insult programs that they are not members of…

Viewing 3 posts - 19 through 21 (of 23 total)

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