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how do i get myself to believe step 2

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    I am going to use this as an approach to possibly help Mise06 the original poster as well as offer a different perspective to LuvInDaisy.

    It helped me becuase I don’t belive
    in GOD, HP or whatever entity that’s going to change my life or fix me.

    I don’t believe God, higher power, or whatever entity is actually going to change or fix me either. No power is going to “do it for me”, so to speak. This change in my life is not an event it’s a process.

    1. I admitted I cannot use drugs successfully, ever. So that means I don’t use drugs, no matter what. That’s a decision I make…..that I don’t use no matter what. I made that decision in direct response to my admission that I can’t use successfully, ever.

    2. I came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. Because I have admitted my powerlessness, that I cannot use drugs successfully, I am willing to give my powerlessness over (surrender to) what ever can help me learn a new way to live. I can plainly see that just about any power is greater than my own when I look at it in terms of putting some sanity back into my thought processes. I became ill. I believe I can heal. At this point I have hope.

    3….is about a decision. When I make a decision of purpose, then, I have made a decision about my future effort; a decison that will remain in effect unless I change my mind. I am willing to turn my life around. So I accept the wording of this step (3) and keep that between me and the “god” of my understanding
    no “entity” rescues me or does anything for me in this spiritual program. The spiritual principles are exactly the change I need. I choose to apply them in my life. I rely on conscious contact with a power I came to believe is greater than my own. That contact comes in the form of living the set of principles written so simply we can put them into our daily lives.

    steps 1,2 and 3 really to go together in the order they are written in my own experience. Having had that experience it is easy to put them together and refer to them as a foundation.

    Mise06, we are here when ever you ask.




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Viewing 2 posts - 22 through 23 (of 23 total)

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