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    There is an old saying in the rooms of AA that sums this process up for me very nicely:

    Came to
    Came to Believe

    I just posted this on another thread but it is equally applicable here.

    Just remember this is a process,not a singular event.



    Step 2 is a statement, it only comes true with lasting effect by working 3-4-5-6-7-8-9- and by living 10-11-12.

    I agree with mae164,

    When the God Bomb went off in step 9 I came to believe ,so it is an experiential faith. I came to believe because something happened I cannot fathom, my state of being was changed and I was restored to sanity.

    In step 2 I was only saying I was willing to believe, but I had no experience to base that belief on, nothing had actually changed …yet.

    Ditto step 3, just a decision but no action as yet.

    Step 4 , illumination, realization .

    Step 5, unburdening and more illumination, release.

    And so on.



    I agree with Jim.

    There’s three words that explain how I apply step 2 on a daily basis:

    [1] Observation
    [2] Open-mindedness
    [3] Teachable

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 20 total)

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