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    I didn’t overthink step 2. Step 2 for me was just an admission that something greater than me could do something. I didn’t realize it so much at the time BUT it was a baby step towards believing that there was something greater than the great “ME.” Now I realize that step 2 is a GOD reference but at the time it was simply a statement which I could not invalidate. I can’t but it doesn’t mean something/someone else couldn’t. I admitted I wasn’t the greatest.

    Living step 2 for me is humility. I am not “all that.” There is something out there greater than me. For me Step 2 is about perspective. For me step 2 wasn’t about GOD it was just another step closer to finding him.

    1… I admit failed and am failing still
    2… hope. there must be something out there better than me that will suceed.



    hmmm…my first post musthave died in the crash??

    Im with Debaucher…

    Step 2 came after step one for me. Drinking at my problems, thats my main problem. Insanity, they say, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. My way wasnt working. I admit it. Step 2 helped me to accept step one. Its insane to keep drinking at this point, and all of the attempts at control, moderation, managing it.. Failed. Over and over. The disease progressed.

    Step 2 just cements my admission in step one. To drink again would be crazy. If I didnt drink, that was a “sane” alternative to not drinking. I “could” be restored to sanity, with regard to drinking. Others had, and assured me that i could recover too.



    for me it is not living in step 2
    I just live, attend meetings, ask for help and believe that there is a greater being – Its just NOT me !

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