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    ahh…to clear one’s mind can be tricky to someone not used to it! thoughts are after us!! lol….

    when I first learned to meditate I learned how to clear my thoughts completely by relaxing my entire body…sitting so still I couldnt feel my body..then focus on a white dot. Doing this will surely make you aware of all the thoughts that are going on!

    at first we can only do it for a few seconds…total silence…totally clear. As we do it more often it comes quicker and for longer periods of time. I started with the recommended two minutes. Once I could do this then I could start any visualization or just be in silence.

    mental stillness can come easiest without physical distraction (outside noises i.e. tv, radio, lawnmowers) such as movement. Becoming completely relaxed and completely still physically still or “silent” sets us up for the mental stillness or “silence”

    to completely physically relax I take up to 5 minutes to mentally “talk” to my body. Sitting perfectly still with my feet flat on the floor, sitting up straight with my hands in my lap close my eyes and first start with controlling my breathing. For 5 breaths I slowly inhale to the count of 3 and exhale to the count of 5…this lowers my heartrate. Then…I say to myself “Toes relax” I talk to the to the toes on my right foot and say “toenails relax” I relax every muscle every tissue every bone in my body. I work my way up and around
    starting with

    toenails of right foot
    toes of right foot
    top of right foot
    bottom of right foot
    ankle of right foot…completely and fully relaxed…I tell them “relax”

    doing this on just one foot..after doing this notice how your right foot feels compared to your left feel how much tension is released just by talking to your body!!

    then move to your left
    top of foot
    bottom of foot

    then move to both calves
    back of neck
    eyelashes (yes eyelashes!)
    teeth (yes teeth!)
    inner organs
    every muscle, every tissue every part of my body completely relaxed…I move through and instruct my body bit by bit to relax

    then focus on a white dot…sit quietly and just be

    this kind of meditation puts me into a receptive stonis (or state). I can use visualization to bring about whatever it is that I need. Or I can invite in my higher power’s will. Before I got into recovery this method didnt work to well…but since I got clean I use it to ask for my higher power’s will.

    Gets me out of my way!

    I take about 5 minutes to relax my body and about 5 minutes of total silence…as best I can…it does take practice. I started with 5 minutes of physical relaxing and then 2 minutes of total silence…keeping clear of thoughts. Be patient because you may only be able to do it for a few seconds at first, which is real good evidence of how many thoughts are actually happening!!
    The more you do it the easier and longer it lasts.

    I learned to do this with a cassette tape that talked me though it. All I had to do was listen…then after I did that a few times I could do it on my own.



    I just realized this was in the step 11 section! I only saw the “how do you meditate” header…Im not working on step 11…but the above is how I meditate



    Good stuff on meditation here……and hey, Missybuns, and anyone else who may be interested…..

    One needn’t to have totally, officially worked steps 1-10 to be working @ step 11. My sponsor told me, in early recovery, that while I was a newcomer, officially working on Step 1, I could work @ all the steps that started with ‘1’. That would be 1, 10, 11, and 12.

    Working @ these step (non-officially) can be seen as…..:

    Step 10 – it’s always good to take a look at our day, at the end of it…a daily inventory, and admitting wrongs immediately, and making amends in the present can be an aid to keeping one’s official Step 4 inventory a wee bit smaller and perhaps more manageable…..;

    Step 11 – Prayer and meditation are always good. One needn’t wait till they’re officially at Step 11, thru the first 10 steps, before having prayer and meditation in their life; and finally

    Step 12 – Starting with one’s first sober day, one can reach out and help other steruggling alcoholics… can pass on the small glimmer of hope that they have in their life right from the start…..what a shame if one had to wait till one had officially worked all the other eleven steps before doing this…

    Anyway…..just wanted to put this out there… any who may feel that they need to………….wait…. (o: (o: (o:


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