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How & why..Step Two..

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    :a122: I needed to Come to believe…Why ?..Because Ive tried on my own to change this PROBLEM..With NO success..I tried just smoking weed and drinking beer….NOT..doesnt work for me..I seen little coincedences happening in my life. Things that I wanted to share and explain. But all that was needed was to accept it because words cannot express these things. Awareness of This Power Greater than myself starts happening..I start seeing other Recovering addicts like myself get better. Then something happens again……HOPE…..Yes…Restoration…I can recover and be restored to being a sound person.. If you can ….We can……. Now I move to Step Three…..:ghug3



    ….Step One leaves me with a need that Step Two fills….We come to believe that WE CAN stop this destructive behavior…HOPE..something I need…We see in the rooms people getting better a day at atime….We see coincidences in life that helps me to see their is a Power Greater than myself at work…We can change…We can be restored to sound thinking and living…..Sanity….Restoration happens….Peter:ghug3

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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