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HP: God vs AA, and a lightbulb just went on…

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    Daytrader, it wasn’t really what was said, as to the timing of when it was said. It was something to the point of “over the Billions of years of the universe, and the millions of years of life, and the hundreds of thousands of years of mankind, and the tens of thousands of years of alcoholism, I happen to be an alcohoic blessed to be alive during the 70 years of A.A….and kind of guilty to be an alcoholic at the tail end of that 70 years, where meetings are within a short distance of almost any town, big or small, in America. Not like 70, or 65, or 60 years ago, when an alcoholic had to travel to Akron, or, New York, or Cleveland, etc. to be a part of the fellowship”… and he went on…

    It was during this that I realized that I had just had the ALMOST identical converstion with my wife the night before.

    Timing was everything.

    And then I realized that this happens quite often. I’m struggling with a particular issue, and somebody says something around the tables that helps me in resolving that issue, usually before I even bring it up. Or, bring it up verbally at least. I’ve gone to meetings in the evenings where the voices around the tables spoke directly about what I prayed about that morning. Coincidence?

    It was the timing that got me thinking…coincidence or God? I don’t believe in coincidence, not to this scale. I do, however, believe that God can speak to me through the voices of others, and those others being the tables of A.A. If I wait for God to show up in full majestic glory, booming voice and burning bush, I might be waiting awhile.

    But if I stop playing the waiting game, and just listen…God speaks to me through the voice of A.A.




    Powerful message….thanks for sharing …:hug:



    Zube,thanks for sharing your experience…..powerfull!

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