HP: God vs AA, and a lightbulb just went on… | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 4

HP: God vs AA, and a lightbulb just went on…

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    kellygirl7563….Welcome to our recovery community
    I see you are new to sobriety…hope all is well with you and your family…:yup:

    Yes…I’ve heard that too…as well as a group of drunks ..however thats not the way i do AA.
    Is that what you are doing?



    Hi CarolID

    I have just completed Step 2- and the relief of accepting my Higher Power and turning to Him is like a weight off my shoulders.

    My husband- not an alcoholic ( I think!!):ValB002: is missing his drinking partner.We are together 30 years and have always done everything as a couple so when a invitation yo a wedding in the UK for July arrived ,I said -No way too soon.(It would have been a 48 hour bender ) he went :c004:.Is not impressed by my more relaxed attitude to housework.

    Guilt used to make me have the house shining so I couldn’t get reprimanded for not doing my duties:gaah ! He is a perfectionist.

    As he is very controlling my new found peace of mind has him bewildered as I not nearly so agreeable now that I am not in a fog of alcohol.I have let go of some of my fear including that of displeasing him.I am putting myself first so that in the long run I will be well.As I was a late evening drunk the kids age 10 and 14 missed most of my drinking.

    To be truthful the hardest part of sobriety is my husbands lack of understanding and empathy.That is hurtful and is making me resentful.Advice from people who have experienced this type of reaction would be really appreciated.

    He is also aggressively atheist and finds my need to pray,mediate and keep my contact with my Higher Power strong through reading as much as I can ridiculous.This too is a source of disagreement



Viewing 2 posts - 10 through 11 (of 11 total)

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