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    i am powerless. i am a newcomer. again. i am 41 years old and should have known better. but… after years in recovery i relapsed and became hopelessly addicted to meth and the needle… i am happy and very proud to say that i have 36 days clean today!!! yippee!!! i just wanted to check in with some other people in recovery. i am on my computer alot and really enjoy reading all the posts. i found this website last year while seeking help and it has helped so much. thank you to the people who keep this venue available to addicts such as myself.:You_Rock_



    I prayed to my GOD , Yesus Yesterday……..

    Lord Of Heaven, Here i am asking for your holy spirit , the “Holy” Helper, May you recover my mind , my feelings and my life. If i truely can living my life one more time , but i barely strong enough to stand still among living , heal me and help me because i am ….”POWERLESS”

    i am not a christian fanatic but it is my believe , no where else i can ask…

    i believe in miracle … and i seen miracles……

    heroin addict 18
    Ecstacy addict 28

    sober 1 1/2 years…..

Viewing 2 posts - 7 through 8 (of 8 total)

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