I am coming off of a 4 day bender…….. | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 4

I am coming off of a 4 day bender……..

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    I found out today that I’m getting separated from the Navy. I was in shock and overwhelmed this morning, but now I’m seeing this maybe as a new start.

    Almost done with detox, I still have a weird taste in my mouth and the strange smell and greasy sweat is almost gone. I think I’ll go to a meeting then for a run tonight.



    I’m glad you are feeling better and planning for a fresh start…:yup:



    Sorry to tell you this so abruptly Onooo, but you are nothing special. You are just a common, ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill drunk just like the rest of us on this forum. So you can stop feeling so ashamed.

    Your shame suggests that you think had some power over your alcohol consumption and that you chose badly. You didn’t. You went up against King Alcohol as defenselessly as you did the countless other times you got stupid in public. You have done nothing to provide yourself with that defense.

    So quit beating yourself up; you have some work to do. You spent some time in rehab which is nice, but something tells me you didn’t work the steps or any of the rest of the heavy lifting required for true lasting sobriety.

    If you are really done, then admit before God and your sponsor that you are powerless over alcohol and all other mind altering substances. And continue to admit that to God on your knees every morning.

    Then lose everything about your old life for a while and concentrate on working the steps. What was wholesome and good about your old life will return to you in time, but right now I’m suggesting that you don’t know wholesome and good from the dark side of the moon, because your thinking is all screwed up. (Or was being delusional and hallucinating a good thing?)

    So say no to old playthings, girlfriends (the other drug), playgrounds, and playmates, and get to work on the steps and do it with all the willingness and passion of the condemned man who seeks mercy. Because you are a condemned man, and you are as close to the gallows as any death row inmate. I buried three friends because of this disease in the last six weeks, so I know what I’m talking about. “Chronic, progressive and always fatal”

    isn’t just a slogan to me when I’m standing graveside with the wife and two daughters of a dead man I once called my friend.

    Enough already. Get to work.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 15 total)

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