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    I’ve never been a spiritual person and definitely don’t buy into ‘standard’ Christian ideas. So, I have been having a hard time with the ‘higher-power’ concepts so crucial to AA.

    However, this guy got me thinking:

    YouTube – Hippie talks about the Universe

    Here’s some of my thoughts –

    The Theory of Relativity teaches us that at the speed of light, from a photons point of reference, time and space do not exist, only ‘now’. Our consciousness processes light at the speed of light, therefore from our conscious point of reference time and space do not exist either. Everything we ‘experience’ is just stored memories. For example when you look back on your life and say “Where did the time go?”, it didn’t go anywhere – it doesn’t exist from a conscious reference point. We live our whole lives, point A to point B, in a single pinpoint of ‘time’.

    Another ‘mind blowing’ concept I read today explains that our consciousness or ‘I-ness’ does not exist in our brains. We perceive it to be in our head, somewhere between the center of our sensory organs – the eyes and ears. If our brains were located in our torso, our perception would be that our conscious exists in our heads still.

    I think I’m onto something. The study of light and its relationship with the rest of the universe and our own consciousness is the gateway to discovering a ‘higher power’ for me. Standard concepts and teachings of religion I’ll never fully agree with. Those are concepts of the material world, created by Man. ‘God’ is something far more vast, far greater and possibly somthing I cannot fully comprehend.

    Since I am sober, I have been able to think about such ideas for the first time in years. I welcome your thoughts on this.



    Glad you found something that works for you…:yup:

    I have no expierences to share on this concept
    as I happily re connected to my childhood
    Sunday School God of love and forgivness

    All my best as you move forward

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