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I know I am powerless, so why do I forget it?

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    I knew for a very long time that I was an addict and in fact had no problem admitting it, to others to myself and to the God of my understanding. The issue I had ( and as with all my problems I didnt see it until it was too late) was that I really had not accepted, that little voice I als tried to ignore was in my head ( yet again) telling me that this time it would be different …….for me I had to accept that I can never use a drug again, for me to use is to die and when I am not doing the next right thing and not being honest with myself I can forget that very easily ……

    All our paths are different and this may not be the case for you but I just found that saying it was totally different to truly admitting it to myself and accepting that I will never use again 🙂



    step 1, is identifying the problem, when i use i cant control the outcome/amount etc, when normal people use they can take it or leave it, they get a feeling of getting high.
    when i use my mind convinces me to buy more that i really wanted to and then once in my body i cant stop untill i fall over or run out, so the Step1 identifys the problem is i can use safely, step1 is a problem statement………

    the problem is in the mind and in the body……….my mind says its ok and this time it will be different (to which it never is)
    and in my body i get a craving of getting more/higher, normal people dont get this………POWERLESS!!

    so step2 is the solution to the problem…..”come to believe in a POWER greater than ourselves can restore me to sanity”
    so the SOLUTION is to find this POWER to over come my POWERLESSNESS???

    step3…..”make a decision to hand my will and life over to the care of GOD as i understand him”
    its just a decision to find this POWER and ask for help, as my power/will wont stop my PROBLEM……..

    so identify the problem, look for a POWER and make a DECISION for that POWER to help……….simple eh?

    hope that helps…….Keith



    I am all new to this. I am 44 and have been using alcohol, pot and most of all narcotics. I took my last morpnine30 saturday and feel like hell. Still have some percocet7.5 and some 7.5 vicodin. Last night was by far the worst, so I broke and took 2 perks. Told my wife what was happening and she is just utterly disgusted with me adding to already overwhelming depression. I have a beautiful little girl and fear I am gonna lose her, or even worse, she will go down the same road I am on. I am so lost, ashamed and overwhelmed.

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