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    Living with addiction has shown me faster than anything that I have the amazing power to forget what I just learned!



    Since this is my first time being sober, I’m new to all of this… so I don’t really have any advice that will be worth anything. But with regards to the first step, I can think of two scenarios that could happen: 1. You’ve forgotten the seriousness of your situation or 2. You haven’t forgotten, but were unable to (for whatever reason) fight the cravings.

    I would think that if the reason you relapsed is because you had forgotten, then maybe the problem is that you might know that you are powerless… but maybe you don’t really understand what it means… or something along those lines. It sort of reminds me of what I hear from people who I know that have relapses. They say that they knew they had a problem, but didn’t really believe it and were continuing to play under their own rules.

    I don’t know what to say about the second possibility other than that means you might need to work harder on the things other than the first step. Either way, I think it would be really beneficial if you tried to understand exactly understand why you relapsed. And sometimes, doing that can be pretty hard because you have to be brutally honest with yourself.

    What you are going through is a fear I have of my own recovery. So I am looking forward to hear from everyone else and even from your own experiences of your relapse.



    @Gmoney 2679586 wrote:

    That’s the hit, Missy!

    Just because we admit something doesn’t mean we have fully accepted the reality of it. I’ve had a couple of sponsees that had to start over at Step 1 after a relapse. Why? Because they apparently missed that simply stating that you’re powerless doesn’t mean you know that you are…and the relapse proves that their surrender was conditional. Another part of step one is getting honest with yourself about how bad you want to stay clean.

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