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I think I get it

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    I was reading the BB and it hit me- I’ve done everything humanly possible to try and stop/control my drinking.

    I’ve done limiting the amount/time, changing types, changing locations, changing mixers/glasses, putting restrictions on myself (only drinking if “x’ happens).

    None of this worked. So I have no power, got it.

    Then I went to hospitals, DBT, CBT, Talk therapy, Art therapy, Group therapy, medications for anxiety/mood swings/depression, I’ve even tried to get my husband (the strongest person I know) to get me to quit.

    None of this worked either. I drank the same (sometimes worse) after each of these methods. So they have no power either- over alcohol.

    So I need to move up the ladder, as it were. There’s only one thing that can help me and that’s a power greater than man, greater than promises and greater than me- a Higher Power.

    I think I get it now.



    For me it was surrender….giving up the fight. If I kept doing what I always did I was going to keep doing what I always did. Best wishes to you.



    looks like you have!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 6 total)

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