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    Honesty is the key.

    In NA, we are taught that we can’t save our azz and our face at the same time. So, if saving face is more important than saving my life…I’m inevitably gonna be stuck trying to maintain living a lie. Funny thing I found about trying to keep my drug addiction a secret is that most people I knew already knew I was in trouble long before I got honest about it. The drug dealers certainly weren’t sworn to secrecy, and the places I lied and said I was at…the people there didn’t see me there (they didn’t lie and said I was). My point is that it’s cool to come here and share with us your struggle, but you’re going to have to decide if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get clean and STAY clean. You say you want to quit, but how bad? Are you desperate enough to tell the truth so you can receive the help you need? If so…you got some choices. IMO, it’s easy to get clean…it’s harder to stay clean.

    Who cares what the drug dealer thinks? Do you really believe no one else fills the gap after you get clean? This is your life you’re talking about here. Once you stop using and stay stopped, you won’t have to worry about them bothering you. You’ll be a threat to their freedom. If the wife loves you she’ll help you…but sometimes relationships get worse before they get better.

    Don’t you think it’s time to get honest?



    I was using and going to meetings. I had relationships with people in the program and I was lying to them, just like you.

    When I got honest about whether or not I’d been using…that is when I could stay clean.
    I fessed up and admitted I’d been using and really had a desire to learn to live a different way…without using drugs.

    Honesty will set you free.

    You could tell the people in the program first….then get honest with your loved ones later on. The people in the program will understand and respect you. Your loved ones will too when you choose to tell them.




    Hi all, Just checking back in. I am back to seven days clean. This is a HUGE thing for me, as I was only using to prevent myself from getting dope-sick. I dont have much time here, as I need to get to a local AA meeting. These things (meetings) are increasing my accountability, even though I know its God that has helped me to stay clean this week. Back to third step of letting go, and saying the third step prayer (on my knees) every morning has helped me get this far. Now I have something to build on!! My withdrawls are mostly gone, and I can finally go to the bathroom in a normal fashion! Looking forward to check back in with ten days clean soon!!

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