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I’m having a bit of a problem with step 2

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    Belief is simple – we believe what we want to believe.

    When it comes to step 2, it helped me to understand that “coming to believe” is a process and not an event. In order for me to believe most stuff, I usually need proof. The proof that a power is at work was the countless addicts in NA that have been working this program for years and found recovery. What the heck? If it worked for them, there’s no reason I can think of that it shouldn’t work for me.

    Secondly, a power greater than myself can be anything. The 12 steps are a power greater than me. I certainly don’t have the power to provide recovery for countless addicts. The fellowship is a power greater than me. That old saying, “two heads are better than one,” applies. And if I venture into the religious…I have to always remember that a God or deity doesn’t take away self-will or my ability to rationalize or justify the mess I can make of my life.

    For me, it’s too easy to blame God. God never put a crackpipe in my hands. The day I made a conscious decision to get high was the day I abandoned living my life according to my HP’s will. The road didn’t change and neither did the map…I just went wandering and thought I knew which way I was going until I realized I was lost.

    Then some things occurred in my life and I felt that I was suddenly abandoned by my higher power and so began my nine year decline into the depts of opiate addiction.

    In NA, recovery is about living life on it’s own terms without the use of drugs. Just because we get clean doesn’t mean $hit won’t happen. In order to recover we must rid ourselves of all reservations. We don’t use NO MATTER WHAT.



    @Missybuns 2254503 wrote:

    P.S. I notice you said

    Feelings aren’t facts and can and do change.

    I found out the core issues to my own addiction were fear of rejection and abandonment.
    I learned my feelings are valid but they are not facts and I do not have to react to them and live on a path lead by them.

    Coming to believe is a process not an event.


    Am thinking about what you’ve said here and I am feeling…..am believing, am knowing, that my feelings are indeed my facts. I’ve struggled with this for a long time. My feelings are indeed my facts, my truth, my core.



    @Gmoney 2254724 wrote:

    Secondly, a power greater than myself can be anything.

    There was a time when I KNEW what and who my higher power was. Not so now. I have been on a long journey of trying to figure out just what higher power is to me and in my life.

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