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    My name is Jan, I had to come off pain medication for degenerative disc disease because of problems with changing from one medication, I starrted becoming nauseous. So I was switched from morphine to Oxycotin sustained relief (long acting) and I was also on oxy IR for immediate pain relief.
    The Dr’s have me on a longer detox than normal because I was scared to death of this process.
    I was on 3, 8 mgs a day. So today is my 4th day on 2, 8 mgs. a day. I’m not sure what the next lower doze will be yet, waiting on call from Dr.
    I have read so many threads here that make me so afraid and don’t know what to expect. About withdrawal from the suboxone to others saying they had no problems with coming off it. Can anyone help me with this fear!!!!
    Once I’m off the suboxone I will have to go back to some type of pain medication for the back problems I have, I think Dr. said maybe something like Tramadol, if I remember the correct one she said. I don’t know how long I have to be off suboxone before I can go to something else. Has anyone had this issue, if so please help me.
    The other thing is I feel like I am hungry all the time, food does not seems satisfying, so I feel hungry about all the time. I’ve gained weight because of this feeling of still being hungry after just eating.
    I am just in a terrible feeling place and my berves are just about stressed as far as they will go.
    Plus, I think the suboxone keeps me from sleeping.
    Anyone that can reasure me would be such a relief and I would be so grateful.
    In fear all the time, and crying lots of the time.
    Please help!!!
    Thank you,
    Jan :c020:



    Hi Vidamia, and welcome to 12 Step National Meetings! 🙂

    I don’t have any experience with suboxone, but there is a forum here at 12 Step National Meetings specifically for suboxone users:
    [url=http://www. Maintenance or Detox – SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information[/url]

    You might want to post again there, and I’m sure you will get some responses, okay?




    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings, and your definitely in the right place. There are many people on this site that have the same problems as you. The link Freedom placed in her response to your thread should be very helpful to you. So many people on this site, have struggled with addiction to pain medications, and used suboxone as well. I too was once addicted to pain meds, and used suboxone for a few days to avoid withdrawal. I now have 5 years clean from all substances. And the one thing I wanted to tell you, is that there is nothing to fear. You are going to be fine. Go into the suboxone, methadone site, and read some of the posts. I’m sure something will be helpful to you. I was on pain meds for 10 years, and took suboxone for a few days. I had no problems getting off the meds. Not one bad symptom. I too was worried for nothing. Keep reading, you will find alot of help on this site. Good Luck, and God Bless You. I wish you a fast recovery.

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