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    I want today to be the day I do not drink, despite an awards ceremony. Any day will bring with it an excuse to put off my quit day. What can I do to get through this first night? Will be able to sleep? I don’t want to be controlled by alcohol anymore. I’ve lost 4 yrs of my life and lost things I used to enjoy doing. Help:a108:



    If missing the awards ceremony is not an option, then I think pray before and during the ceremony. If need be take a break, go to the restroom and ask GOD to give you strength. I had to learn not to go to certain places where I know I will be tempted. Take in mind, I am only recently sober, so I know exactly where you are at. If you have someone you trust you can call if you feel the urge to drink, that can help you that would be great. If not, and you cant miss this, GOD is the answer. If you have faith, pray to him for strength, and be willing to whole heartedly reach up to him, HE WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL!!



    The problem is not fear of drinking at awards ceremony, as it is being held at the high school, but the fear of either drinking before going or attempting to make today my quit date. I can come up with an array of excuses any day for not quitting. I hit rock bottom this morning when I woke up…slight hangover. I woke up and the first thing in my mind was “I have to quit drinking” and it was so hard getting kids ready for school when I felt like crying and begging someone to hold my hand. I even researched detox facilities in area but would like to try on my own before spending money we don’t have. the end of the school year is always stressful; this open house, this ceremony, this Girl Scout night meeting, etc, and my oldest is graduating from high school, which is doing a number on me, and then family coming for grad party. Luckily that won’t be until June 10.

    Is it wrong to plan a quit date, like say Friday? I’m find during the day but night is the problem and if I know I have no obligations; hubby can make dinners and drop kids off here and there over weekend, and then maybe I can pay the piper as I go through the process. I don’t know what to expect.

    Last time I quit smoking, I scheduled a quit date and everyone in house knew to back off and not place any demands on me while I was stepping down (patch). Well, there is no patch was drinking cessation (I wish) and I don’t want to be a burden to my children or husband, who incidentally has the flu. Lol. Independence Day movie, “I sure picked a fine time to quit drinking.” I’ve done it before and went 7 yrs. I want my life back. I want to go on road trips, go shopping, take pictures, watch Disney movies with my kids, make dinners….without having to have a couple glasses of wine. Dear God, please give me the strength and carry me through this.

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