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    Hi everyone I don’t post too often but I feel so angry this evening and I know it is because I have not worked step one fully yet today. I worked at mcdonalds all day short-handed and then come home to three kids that have all been trying my patience and a wife who doesn’t quite understand alcoholism yet. I hsve been sober over six months but I have been married only three months. I almost lost it when the kids let the dog out again after spending two whole hours just trying to get them to pick up their room and the urge to drink just overwhelmed me I cried out in anger at the walls in my room and then played my guitar for 15 minutes or so. Did I call someone in recovery? no DId I pray? yes I did but I never surrendered. The urge to drink hasn’tr really gone away yet and I am not in reality right now I do not want to be in domestic bliss, but can see myself single at a bar and drinking in solitude and somehow that sounds reasonable. I don’t know what to say really except thanks for giving me a place to vent and I will go to a meeting tomorrow.



    Call somebody.



    Ditto, make a call.

    There’s an amazing amount of relief and freedom that comes from just talking to someone who has felt the same, regardless if there’s any answer at the moment.

    And that relief is longer lasting, better feeling, and more gratifying than any perceived relief that used to come from a bottle.

    Good start dumping here too. Another positive action you can be proud of.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 6 total)

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