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    My name is Johnny Wheeler. I am 30 years old. It’s day 2 for me.

    Got pulled over and charged with my very first DWI/DUI (in TX). I wasn’t drinking but I was abusing medication. During that time I didn’t realize this was a problem, even after overdosing. It changed from one drug (bars, THC, and Loracets mostly)to another over the years, so I’ve been a long time abuser. After almost loosing my old lady and job, it finally set in! I have problems (temptations rather) everyday, so I hope this site can give me some insight on hope to overcome these urges.

    I am now trying to find an Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program (TAIP). Does anyone know anything about where I can find one of these? I have to do 45 day intensive outpatient and 90 day supportive outpatient. (North Houston Area)



    Or anyone that can give me any tips on how to get through the next few days. It would be appreciated.



    Welcome! NA meetings are full of folks who have learned to live a new way. They showed me how to stay clean. Detox sucks there’s no disputing that. It does pass, then staying clean once you detox is what we learn to do. Drink plenty of water, eat right and rest as best you can. Take vitamins too if you have them. Discussing your problem with your doctor is not a bad idea either. The next few days don’t use NO MATTER WHAT. Focus on what you are willing to do to stay clean then act on that.
    Please consider finding a meeting to attend. If you’d like to know how to find one just let us know.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 5 total)

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