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    Hi all,

    I am seeking a little clarification, as I am a bit confused, and your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated. I have quite a track record of getting in trouble with the law over alocohol-related incidents, and after many failed attempts at sobriety, I have come to the conclusion that I must be an alcoholic, and have been attending AA.. However, I was never a heavy just seems everytime I have drank/done something wrong, I have gotten caught. Please know I am not using this as an excuse, its the truth.

    I have been learning about the power of the subconscious mind, and the reference to “self-sabotage” was very familiar to me. I have been learning about how my behaviors naturally reinforce my beliefs/perceptions from my subconscious, and I believe this explains a lot of what has happened to me. However, this has confused me even more. Does this mean I am just messed up in the head or do all alcoholics have this subconsious sympton of a “self fulfilling prophecy”? I read the story about the jaywalker, and that seemed eerily familiar..

    Any beginning tips on how to become “un-stuck” from your subconscious?

    Thanks in advance..



    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings tavajava 🙂

    I’d think, regardless of what you decide on the alcoholic question or what opinions people may offer here, anyone with ‘quite a track record of getting in trouble with the law over alocohol-related incidents, and after many failed attempts at sobriety’ would almost certainly find their life improved by embracing recovery 🙂




    when I was drinking I landed in jail quite a lot
    I don`t know much about self sabotage or sub-conscience stuff,but I do know a few things about me when I was drinking

    I was a a$$h0*#,pure and simple,and if you wasn`t keeping a eye on me,I would swipe you blind,in other words I was a thief.I would lie like a dog,cause assorted troubles with people,and show up in public drunk as a skunk and usually wind up in trouble or jail.I broke any law necessary to get what I wanted without regard to others property, or personal welfare.

    in other words,I was a drunken bum and a criminal and I belonged in jail.So,if I wanna stay sober,I had to straighten up and quit that crap.Thats where AA comes in,during my journey thru the steps ,I learned just how big a drunk,thief,liar, & crook I was.I had quite a long list of amends to make and I did it.I also found out those things are not compatible with true,peaceful.sobriety and God`s will for me.

    my suggestion:

    get honest with yourself about your self

    quit doing wrong things that break the law,I am sure you can tell the difference between right and wrong

    make a promise to yourself that today you are going to be honest and treat others better than you are going to treat yourself

    pray a lot,I never personalty seen a praying man or woman land in jail for some kind of criminal activity while praying or trying to help others

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