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    I don’t like that rehab’s philosophy at all. Being negative is NOT helpful. F… them anyway, and the horse they rode in on. Rehab is supposed to help you prepare for a better life, not constantly throw the old one in your face. I’d tell ’em to ‘bite it’. Jerks.



    Hi TB

    Have you done the steps in AA yet? Think it would be a good time to start or continue so that you can start to see things different! Obviously things will work out how they work out with regard to the flat, shelter, job etc but you must make sure that you can handle whatever comes along and that won’t happen by magic…

    You need people too, you are not going home to your pc and surfing whilst pondering life you are in the middle of it where practical action and advice is needed…

    take care



    I agree with Dee; …. you’ve come a hell of a long way, and need to “cut yourself some slack”

    It’s real easy ; like you said, for folks to suggest this and that, while they have the comfort and support of family and employement. Back when I was “homeless” …that word wasn’t even in use like today. We just thought of it as being “on the road”

    (I know what you mean about how it can wear ya down.)

    Sometimes scrambling around for any kind of work (part-time, or temporary) can lead to something better , once folks see the kind of work you do.

    Investing in yourself is the most important starting point, and 10+ months sobriety is a damn good start.

    One things for sure, …. moving forward you’ll know genuine gratitude.

    Prayers your way

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 19 total)

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