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    I will just reiterate what everyone else has said. You have A LOT to be proud about, so keep your head up. Is there any way you could contact the university faculty office directly and get an alternate contact # for that reference? You could just let them know that it is tripping you up in your process of trying to get a job. It’s worth a shot…



    TB, I am thinking of you and like others said – you are worth it and I hope you can see what I do……the amazing progress you have made. You have done so well and by getting yourself together…..well you can change any darn thing in your life that you want. You know these things take some time and sometimes we have to beat down quite a few doors in life to get to the right one.

    Life is balance my friend and keeping positive is so important.

    You know we are here for you. I have found so many things in my life happened for a reason and have led me to where I am. God bless the broken road ya know.




    Well, sometime yesterday that whole frustrated feeling went away. I think it just takes me about 24 hours to get used to something is all.

    I appreciate all y’alls comments, but I don’t think I’ve come very far in life. Kinda stayed put, really. I think that’s why the idea of being homeless bothers me so much. It’s not a tumble down. I just don’t have a regular place to stay.

    Anyways, I suppose I’m much more positive about it today. Just go through life. It’s what I’ve always done…

    Take care y’all,

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 19 total)

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