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Looking 4 some feedback!

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    :a108::a108:I am wanting to begin step four, and leave no stone unturned. I keep thinking to myself that I want to let go and face all the horrible things I did to people when I was drinking. Is it about taking these ugly things you have done and admitting to them, acknowledging. And being specific to actual instances? From there I can work on myself and why I decided to make these choices, why I made the choice to drink in the first place, why my core beliefs are what they are. I just find that I don’t resent too many people because it was usually my fault. Looking for some feedback.




    Making an inventory is not only resentments, so don’t worry that you don’t feel that you have many of those at this point.

    Identifying the nature of your wrongs, your shortcomings, your character defects is what comes from the inventory.

    Do you have someone that can lead you through this step?



    my big book says I must be free of anger or it kills me
    list every instance of anger you ever had,don`t try to tell the difference between anger or resentment right yet
    of course we can list this stuff 2 different ways
    we do it ourselves or we pray and bring God into it,step 3 says I bring God into it
    when a thought about past anger comes,just list it
    don`t think,just write
    the thinking comes later
    thats how I did it to get my initial grudge list

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 7 total)

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