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Looking 4 some feedback!

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    @jameson 2650598 wrote:

    I am wanting to begin step four, and leave no stone unturned.

    Fantastic! Have you done the first 3 steps? How do you know? I’m not trying to discourage you, but the Steps are in order for a reason. I lack the power to see the truth in the inventory unless I’ve surrendered.

    @jameson 2650598 wrote:

    Is it about taking these ugly things you have done and admitting to them, acknowledging. And being specific to actual instances?

    What do the directions say to do? What does your sponsor say to do?

    I’m kind of giving you a hard time because of your next statements. I want to encourage you, that this is a great place for asking these questions. Those statements make me think you’ve missed something in the previous Steps.

    @jameson 2650598 wrote:

    From there I can work on myself and why I decided to make these choices, why I made the choice to drink in the first place, why my core beliefs are what they are.

    AA is not a self-help program. It’s a god-help program. The BB tells me that those resentments must be mastered, but how? I can’t wish them away any more than I could my alcoholism.

    And then backing up a few more Steps, did you make a choice to drink because of your core beliefs? Because if you made a choice to drink, you can make a choice not to drink.

    I’m an alcoholic and I have lost the power of choice in drink.

    AA is a spiritual program. That’s all it can offer you is the same path to a spiritual awakening it gave me.

    The mechanics of a 4th Step are simple. The directions are on the bottom of page 64,

    aabb1st wrote:
    In dealing with resentments, we set them on paper. We listed people, institutions or principle with who we were angry. We asked ourselves why we were angry. and so forth for the first 3 columns. Then more directions for that 4th column on pg 67.

    But the mental and spiritual position to do a searching and fearless inventory is difficult to achieve. It requires a transition of hopelessness to hope. Belief and faith. And surrender and more surrender. Without those things you are just doing a mechanical psychology exercise, similar to many treatment protocols. And that’s just not what AA is, nor what is required, in my experience, to recover.

    Many people on this forum can help you understand what we did to recover, Jameson. We’d be happy to do so.



    XA-Speakers – The lights are on!

    I found the Joe and Charlie Big Book study as helpful as any self help guide I’ve seen… Check out the chapters on Step Four… there are several…Of course your sponsor can really help a lot.



    Welcome to our recovery community….:wavey:

    I found attending 4th Step workshop meetings interesting.
    Then….I sat down with the BB…and wrote mine out…:)

    Glad to see a new member…:yup:

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