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    I: write stories, read books, play with my cat and blab online. These days I only wish I had more time for such things.



    Thanks for a great thread!
    I like to: Read, play frisbee with my dog, walk my dog, write, play video games, fly fish, play hockey/baseball/tennis, spend time with my girlfriend, listen to music, and sing.



    Come to 12 Step National Meetings and read and post. Love you all. You are my rock. (Fubarcdn)
    My favorite thing to do is to go for a walk. (Anna)
    I love going to the library and browsing through the shelves hoping to find something inspiring. (Anna)
    Movie (rent or go to one)
    Call a friend
    Post on 12 Step National Meetings
    Play with the kids (family game night!)
    Dance around
    Longboard around neighborhoods
    Cook something fabulous
    Go to a show
    Go to a meeting
    Read a book that was recommended to you by someone you trust
    Watch movies with subtitles
    Make t-shirts
    Plant stuff
    Walk the dog
    Go to a playground and swing
    Do yoga
    Paint a room in your house… or a canvas… or whatever
    Play a harmonica
    Go to coffee with your friends
    Look for yard sales
    Go thrift store hunting. I found a burt reynolds t-shirt for a buck once! holla!
    Make mix CDs for folks you love
    Make videos to put on youtube
    Put your kids to work decorating the sidewalk with chalk – you help too
    Bake red velvet cupcakes (then mail me one!)
    Play a game with your kids
    Start a project, no matter how big or small just something to accomplish
    Clean/organize drawers closets (detox your house)
    Get lost in a book, or read to your children
    Look through cook books or internet reciepe websites
    Watch a movie
    Paint your toes
    Give your self a facial
    Brush your dog or cat
    Write a letter to someone, NOT Email, a real letter
    And check in with your friends on 12 Step National Meetings!
    Read and post on 12 Step National Meetings.
    Go to a recovery meeting.
    Walk, bike, hike, any kind of exercise.
    Camping, fishing, hunting, outdoor activities.
    Cooking, try a new recipe.
    Read a book.
    Try a new sport or hobby, my son likes paintball.
    Do volunteer work, help out someone less fortunate.
    Hang out with your friends in recovery.
    Sit at an outdoor cafe and people-watch.
    Shopping, window shopping, thrift store and antique huntingcome on 12 Step National Meetings
    bead, as in make jewellery
    play with my kitties
    borrow my friends dog and go for a walk
    work out on the Gazelle
    go for a bike ride
    go swimming
    visit the Library
    go see a movie at the co-op theatre
    visit a friend, especially someone you know could use a visit
    clean my place
    do any sewing that needs to be done
    try a new recipe
    visit the pet store
    work on a puzzle
    have a candle-lit bubble bath with some yummy smelling stuff from lush
    get back on 12 Step National MeetingsVisit friends and family
    Play golf
    Take college classes
    Mountain Bike
    Mechanical work
    start your own business

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)

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