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    least,I would like to add one more thing

    if it did take me the rest of my life to make amends,it would be a life well spent!



    Ok, I”m starting my list. Some of them will be letters to dead people that I will write and then burn. But I will take the effort of making amends to them spiritually, at least.

    Thank you for all your input. It has been most helpful.:ghug2



    Not impossible at all, least. You are on the right track. Make that list, driven by inventory, and go from there.

    @least 2346601 wrote:

    Are you telling me I have to make amends to EVERONE I’ve EVER harmed IN ANY WAY, whether thru drinking or not??

    Yes, but with an important caveat. I can only see so much truth at any given time. I’m simply not going to be able to see all of the harms I’ve done. So, at the time I do my 4th step, I do it as thoroughly and honestly as possible at that time. More will be revealed. If I manage to have a spiritual awakening as the result of the steps, and I stay in that solution of letting my actions and motives be guided by a higher power, more will be revealed.

    For instance, I’ve done multiple 4th steps with sex inventories. A certain person came up only in a general way of meaningless one night stands that sort of got lumped together in my mind. And I didn’t see any harm done between consenting and somewhat young and stupid people. This happened well over 20 years ago.

    I haven’t thought about this person in many years. But, for whatever reason, in a flash the harm came to me one day recently. I realized it. I saw the truth of it. Now, this person is on my amends list where they haven’t been previously. Not for a new harm, but because I could finally see the harm. I’ve been praying about whether and how to make the amends without doing further harm.

    I believe that because I stay in the solution of the steps, more was revealed to me. I believe that because I remain willing, I will find a way to make the amend without doing harm. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I believe it will.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 27 total)

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