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Made a list

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    I see nothing wrong with bringing the state of sorrow and contrition to the amend.

    I basically go to them (after I’ve gotten clear on the harm I’ve done them and what I’m making an amend for) and say, “This is what I’ve done to harm you. What can I do to set it right?”

    No need to say “sorry” or “will you forgive me?” From my experience, forgiveness is icing on the cake. If they forgive me, then that’s good for “them”, not me. They are the one who just got free when they forgive me.

    Sometimes, they didn’t even need to forgive me. They’re not spiritually sick like me and I was not living their head rent free all these years. I merely thought I was. 😎



    I’ve got one more to do, it’s a biggie and it’s coming…i know what i want to say and what my part was…i am willing to do it but am a little scared if i am honest:-)

    I have talked to my sponsor read the BB, and 12 and 12 about this one and know that i need to do it…it’s one of those ones where you would be talking to your family first but i have no wife or kids so no-one to worry about in that respect.

    Whatever happens, happens…i am planning to do it tomorrow morning…will let you know how i get on:-)



    God be with you.

Viewing 3 posts - 25 through 27 (of 27 total)

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