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Made it through day 4

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    I made it through day 4 yesterday and went outside and worked my muscles (yardwork). It felt great and helped to keep me busy. The only problem I had was stressing out over a few incidental problems; special needs son having a can thrown at him by someone driving by, discovering gang graffitti and egg on my fence and my teen’s possibility of not being able to bring her boyfriend (graduated last year) to prom (everything has been paid for) and then getting nasty emails from superintendent over prom issue. I didn’t really want to drink anything (and I didn’t) but I desperately wanted something to lower my level of anger. I was livid. I felt life was unfair (yes, life is unfair). I wanted my husband to apply for early retirement and move me from this place back to our old home. I basically wanted to run away with my family. I prayed to God to take my anger and to help me dig up some more positive thinking. I then retracted to my daughter and told her to be humble and if the outcome is not what we wanted, to simply walk away, as opposed to saying something inappropriate to principal. (lol). Now the problem I am having is trying to keep busy in between writing in my journal. I’m having a hard time focusing on anything unless it is physical. Is the fog I keep hearing about?



    Hi lostsheep…I am new here too…just wanted to offer some encouragement for you 🙂



    Thanks runningkat. Back at ya:-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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