Making amends for a resentment? | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 4

Making amends for a resentment?

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    @Cathy31 2653411 wrote:

    Please accept my apology (apology is not an amend but rather an entry to an amend)

    Yeah, okay….. that wasn’t TOO bad to say…..

    @Cathy31 2653411 wrote:

    How can I make it better?

    OMG! Does ANYONE find this one easy to say…….like……..ever?!

    lol…. still find myself having to swallow before I can get those words to come out of my mouth! lol



    Theres nothing wrong with making an amend if there was no percieved harm done.

    Theres nothing wrong with confessing resentment and asking ” have I harmed you in any way”?

    We might find there was indeed harm.!



    as long as confessing to a resentment they never new you had doesn’t harm them worse than not knowing.

    I confessed to wronging someone once. I talked behind her back. She didn’t know. The damage caused by the confession and request to make it right if possible exceeded the original damage by far.

    Amends are tricky. I still don’t have any sort of grasp on this step, but i did have that expereince.

    I guess from the recieving end of an amends, I know that i am more hurt when someone tells me they did something i don’t know about, or they felt some certain way (negatively) about me.

    I’m ok with others being human and having those feelings and making those mistakes…But i really don’t care to hear about it…why? so THEY can feel better…not the purpose of the step imo

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 12 total)

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