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Making amends to those unaware

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    @Astronomy 2512349 wrote:

    I’m guessing I’ll get a lot of “just do it,” as my sponsor says. I’m praying for willingness. I suppose I’m looking for your experience, strength, and hope in this area.

    Hi Jon and welcome

    Assuming you have discussed the specifics with your sponsor and they believe that direct amends are appropriate, you just have to take the plunge and do it.

    My sponsor says – where there is no fear, there is no faith. You just have to believe that if you do the right thing by making the amends in the right way (putting right the wrong, rather than just apologising), then God/HP will be with you every step of the way.

    Let go of the outcome. The person may react well or may not. If you believe God/HP can restore you to sanity, then He will protect you and take you to a better life, however the individual in question reacts.

    Good luck. After, you will know a new freedom.



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    God makes the ammend possible. It is always good for me to keep that in mind.

    I agree that praying for the willingness is the correct approach..but the book is also clear that this spiritual life must be lived ( not a theory and all that).

    As far as the people not knowing about things stolen from them: I have heard some miraculous shares about going to someone, explaining precisely what it is you are approaching them about (I stole your medications) and asking what you can do to correct this harm. I think being very specific at first, and then asking if there is anything else is always a good approach.

    About approaching them: Contact them, ask if they would meet as you have something you want to discuss. It’s the same as any other ammend. Even less awkward than those to complete strangers or situations which could potentially wind someone up in jail (ie – confessing to a crime that no one ever knew about anyways). There are just too many people who have ended up drunk because they were not ‘painstaking’ about this.

    Great work.

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