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Making amends to those unaware

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    Direct amends, wherever possible 🙂



    One of the issues that a person must face is the possible legal ramifications of the harm caused.

    That does not preclude making the amends, however, I inform my guys that the steps are not a shield from possible prosecution should a criminal act had been committed for which the amends is being made.

    Anyway, I made an amends after 32 years of sobriety as it was the first opportunity to do so. I was contacted through FB by a person I needed to make an amends to.

    I always wanted to make this amends, I had tried in the past tried to locate this person. I traveled to the state where she lived and made the amends. Her response……was that we were teenagers (she helped me to find the rooms) and it was not a big deal.

    Now I could finally rest knowing that my 9th step is now complete..



    I had a financial harm which I worked out that I could not make direct amends to. Even my sponsor agreed on this one.

    I was quite pleased and I thought I had got away with it until my sponsor asked if this organisation worked with any particular charity. They did. I knew what I then had to do. A bit reluctantly I wrote out the cheque.

    ….But by the time I had sent it and it was cashed, I felt a huge amount of relief. It was quite suprising to me, particularly as earlier I had been pleased that I could not make direct amends on this one.

    It taught me (a) I need a sponsor to help me work out who and how to make amends…..I would always take the easy option if it was down to me

    and (b) there’s always a way to make some amends even if “directly” is not possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 17 total)

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