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Making Indirect Ammends

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    I wrote a few letters to ex-wives and some of their family. Surprisingly I actually received a few written and twice a verbal thank you and good luck wishes.

    I have been part of advising a few sponsees, primarily on monetary issues that had situations which preclude actual amends. I have suggested that donations even if it is of time (had one young man work in a homeless shelter soup kitchen) as the restaurant that he stole from was no longer in business. He has continued to volunteer for the past several years even though he long ago made his “real amount” amends.

    It was mentioned earlier that the “willingness” is paramount when actual is not practical. The opportunities will sometimes present themselves way down the road.




    perhaps someone you hurt a long time ago and have no idea where they are today.

    I got someone like that,and I do not know who she is or where she is
    My past sponsor who died last year told me this about that particular amends

    if you see her,you might want to talk to her( his way of saying I ought to make amends) and pray for God to forgive you and take you to better things



    I’ve read a lot here that is exempted from direct amends by virtue of falling into the “except when it would harm them or others” category. I still have no idea what an indirect amends is.

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