Making restitution when not required to.. | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 2

Making restitution when not required to..

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    I love hearing about amends, most overlooked word in the Big Book is ALL. Pray on it and see how you are guided, I’d say you were clear, follow through with how the spirit moves you after you have sat with it.

    My experience with amends like this, where the people wanted no financial restitution is, after spending time with them, I make an anonmous donation to a charity I support in the amount that I owed. Several of these are ongoing, maybe I take a guy out to lunch or help out a brother who’s in hard financial times, I keep an acount just for this kind of stuff, I am current on my financial amends but I continue to do this kind of thing regularly, why? I am selfish, I like the way it makes me feel.



    I had a wonderful twenty-minute talk with her. She refused to take anything for restitution. I am grateful for how it turned out but still feel the need to make restitution.

    Take a minute and understand you did far more than many.

    She said nothing more ws needed.
    let that be what it is, then.

    Check that one off your list and pray for guidance to the next one.

    Just a thought, though…
    from the duck’s point of view, possibly, but since
    You want to do something more –

    maybe go to a park and feed some ducks! LOL!



    @AW2486 2392415 wrote:

    … And tell her of my plans to make a donation to a food shelf? …

    Don’t tell anyone about the donations except your sponsor – just a principle I heard of says he on step 2 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 6 total)

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