Meth again – And I need advice about my husband! | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 2

Meth again – And I need advice about my husband!

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    thank you for your post. i am not new to the program, but i am a new comer now. i have 36 days today and i am happy to say that it has gotten a smidge bit easier since i hit the 30 day mark…

    i am a hope to die meth addict. for me to be clean 36 days is simply a miracle. i had such a difficult time while i was seeking help to stop using. i hit brick wall after brick wall. my insurance company kept telling me that i didn’t qualify for treatment since i hadn’t failed at formal treatment at least 3 times!!! they didn’t take into consideration that i have relapsed time after time for years while trying to get clean in 12 step programs. also, the cd facilities where i live all told me that there is no medical protocol for detoxing off meth. i finally got into detox in sept but only after i literally begged to be hospitalized… and only because i was on methadone… i am not only powerless over the drug meth but the whole ritual of the needle. when i was using it really didn’t matter what was in it. i am also bi-polar, currently fairly stable on my meds. i believe if i stay on my meds i will have an easier time staying clean… it has taken me 8 months to get this 36 days… but hey at least i have today and i am more focused on my recovery than i have been for quite some time… to anyone who reads this. thank you. it has helped me just writing it…



    Dejuavue – I am in the same situation that you are. Even last night my husband came home drunk and on pills. Says he doesn’t have a problem. My mistake was that I allowed him in his intoxication to control my mood yesterday. I am struggling everyday to stay clean. After talking to my sponser last night, her advise for me was to pray for him. I know I can’t change him because I couldn’t even change myself before. I decided to focus on what I need to do and not dwell on his issues because they are his. I can’t fix them or change them. I can change how I react though. Hopefully, sooner or later he will come to realize what he needs to do. This is hard to do because it causes me to have hurt and pain inside which is one of the reasons I stayed high all the time to begin with. Just wanted you to know that I feel what your saying and you’re not alone. Keep going to meetings – invite him to go with you. Never know, he may just say yes one day.

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