Meth is qiuckly bringing me death!…. | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 2

Meth is qiuckly bringing me death!….

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    Welcome. Have you tried attending meetings?



    I feel for you….or with you. I’m also a IV meth addict. Everyday for 5 years straight. I don’t really have a easy answer for you because I know how hard it is. I started my step one in jail. I was there for 3 months! Now if that isn’t powerlessness over my life I don’t know what is. Although I hated every minute of it, I am grateful now. I’m almost 8 months clean today. It took almost 6 months to get my head out of that cloud that doesn’t let you see your consequences. Just do it for today. I have to do this also because I struggle with my addiction everyday. Please go to a meeting. AA or NA either one will help you spiritually. And keep going back because it does work! One day at a time! Remember you are worthy of a healthy body and a healthy life! :ValA006:



    freebyrd….well done on your progress….:funjump:

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 7 total)

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