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methadone help me!

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    hello i am new!! my name is amanda and i am an addict… i used meth for 3 years quit cold turkey had 1 slip and am 6 years clean from it.. i was at the best part of my life.. my husband my kids, i looked great felt great and then i had my baby (home birth ) after i cleaned up from meth i became a super hippy lol very natural and healthy… i started abusing pain meds.. and to tell you the truth i dont think i was abusing then because having my daughter at home i seperated my spine i also have 5 fused and spina bifida.. my back never bothered me until i had her and it was excruciating… my pain meds where not cutting it i started buying methadone off the street because they where cheap they lasted along time and they worked great for pain!!! i have been in physicall and water therapy for 1 year now… and im tired of this ball and chain of addiction somedays i dont want to buy or look for or even take methadone but if i dont i get very very sick… i tried about 4 months ago cold turkey i made it 4 days….. i quit cold turkey again 8 days ago!!! and i have a great mindset about it.. i am so ready to be healthy.. be a real person .. be me… my husband is also addicted to methadone and he quit with me .. we also quit meth together.. i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.. anyways.. im at 8 days and i have 3 kids from 9 months to 4 and 6 they need me here.. and i am sooooooooooo exhausted i havent slept in 8 days i can barely eat.. i cant concentrate.. so i bought a couple vicoden to help me sleep just tonight.. i know nobody beleives that but i am srtong i am done with methadone im not letting all these hellish withdrwls go to waste i just have to sleep. at least 1 night this week…. please anyone who has been down this road i could use your advice and support now.



    Have you considered giving NA a try?



    You will be in my prayers. NA works!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 6 total)

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