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    redrode, I recommend NA as well. I have been there for almost 10 months now, and have 3.5 months clean. I just kept working at it. The program has been really great for me.

    We have something in common– I had a homebirth too! 🙂 It was awesome.

    For opiates I always recommend seeing your dr. and being honest with them about your use. He/She may want you to try tapering off slowly– are you breastfeeding? If so, the w/d can possibly affect your baby as well, so you’d want to be extra careful.

    Like you, I am ‘super hippy natural healthy’ etc, but even we are not exempt from addiction– it can hit anybody! I am a researcher by nature, so I know exactly what the drugs I took were doing to me, and I took them anyway. Addiction is that strong! (And I didn’t use to get ‘a little’ high, either, I took tons of pills, even started shooting because I felt I needed more of a rush.) I knew what I was doing and was powerless to stop. That sounds like where you are right now.

    There is hope! I came to NA and finally, after a while in the program, began to take suggestions, work the steps with a sponsor, etc, and try to live the program in my daily life– doing that I cannot fail! I no longer feel the urge to use. That has been a gift I received in NA. I urge you to check out a meeting– you will find people like you who have gotten clean. It gave me so much hope!



    Redrode hasn’t posted in 2 months. I am praying she is at a NA meeting right now.



    well i hope you made it dear.. i remember when i kicked oxy’s cold turkey i made it 8 days the first time and then went back to using again cuz i was so sick still and then a few months later i tried again, was successful that time and now i am over 5 years clean from opiates but i do remember feeling like i would never feel normal again even after being clean for months but fortunately that was not the case and i am still clean and grateful to be clean and sober from all substances for 51 months now. (after kicking opiates on my own I had to go to treatment 9 months later to kick my first drug of choice..Alcohol)

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 6 total)

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