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    “Came to believe in a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”

    I balked at the word insanity, at first. my sponsro asked me questions about my behaviors, my attitudes, how I reacted to various dituations and it was only after looking at those things was i able to admit the insanity was real and I was a part of it..

    Step 2 opens a vista of new hope, when based on willingness, faith and openmindedness. What we call this higher power is an individual choice. the name was unimporytant..It was believing that was more important..
    We do not have to swallow all of step 2 at one time..we can nibble at it..that is what I did..Piece meal I believe they call it.

    Over time my faith and my belief has grown.

    So very gratreful it is a “God of our own understanding”

    I might suggest reading the chapter to the Agnostics in the Big Book.. I did not think I was I skipped it at first..but later went back and was amazed at the welath of information there. It helped me tremendously to drop the preconcieved notions and the prejudices I had.

    Please, if you feel comfortable, share your experience with this step. You might be surprised at the ESH you will recieve from others.

    Drop all the negative you feel or were taught previously…and begin with a Higher power that you can relate to. God as an anacronym is also Group Of Drunks
    Another one I heard is God spelled backwards is Dog..I knew of a person that made their “Dog” a Higher Power at first…Their dog taught them unconditional love. Once that was learned they had no problem believing in the “Reality of the Unseen” and acquired a Loving, caring, gentle, forgiving Higher Power he was able to rely on completely. He has stayed sober for 11 years and shares freeely about his HP.

    Come join us on the broad road to Happy Destiny…Many others began with little or no faith and are leading happy healthy sobriety walking hand in Hand with the Spirit of the Universe who is “all inclusive…never exclusive”.

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