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    I am new to this site, and I have gone to meetings before but never had a sponsor or worked the steps. I am reading through the post on here though, and I just wanted to share my thoughts on the first step for myself and see what everyone has to say. I plan on going to meetings, but want to use this site to get some practice in being comfortable opening up to strangers. That seemed to be a problem of mine when going to the meetings. I go through phases with my addiction, I started with pot in high school, and ended up here today with a meth problem, and everything in between. I was always the person that would discover the drug, do it to excess then walk away from it, never to do it again. This of course has created the illusion for me, that I never really had a problem. Until meth. While my first years of meth were spent in a position where there was lots of money and meth never ran out, which of course after so long resulted in Jail time. Even that though didn’t register as a “problem” it did however make me change my life. Now I have sober streaks with a relapse here and there. This is a problem. I just got done doing the whole, i can still drink but not do drugs, which of course resulted in using meth one night after one to many. I was never a major drinker, it wasn’t until now that i realized i just can’t allow alcohol into my life, because a glass of wine at dinner most likely won’t result in me using, but 3 long islands at the bar will. So In saying all this, is there any advice anyone has that I could do to work on step one. Also thank you for reading, just sitting here typing this and putting it out there feels so Great!



    Welcome! My suggestion is to get to some meetings so that you can get a sponsor to help guide you through the steps. Opening up to strangers is exactly what I did to get drugs…I do the same thing in recovery. I didn’t tell my life story….I mostly listened, paid attention, didn’t use and asked questions. I started talking more after I had more experience staying clean.

    Do you know how to locate a meeting near you?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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