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    it does say we have to find a god/hp of our understanding…and that it has to be something that make’s sense to us…

    I’m not quite to step 2 yet, but it is on my mind…

    I can’t make up a conception of god…as taht word has a specific meaning to me …..

    But I can look for an HP that makes sense to me….so thats where I will probably start….



    Nope it clearly states in the Big Book “we mean your own conception of God”



    There is guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word……..Place yourself in the middle of the stream of Knowledge and Power that flows into your life, then, without effort, you will be compelled to wisdom and perfect contentment.”

    This is a Ralph Waldo Emerson quotation that appears in the January 30 daily reading in Courage to Change. For me, it explains perfectly “the path” I had and still have to follow in order to have and be connected with a “God of my understanding.” So, for me, it was/is not at all about “making something up.” Actually, I agree that that idea is, not just arrogant, but dangerous and very, very silly.

    I guess I see it kinda like this — and please remember that anything I say here or anywhere else on this topic is, at it’s very best, just a poor and extremely limited metaphor for HP and for my experience, thus far, with/of HP —

    God is HUGE

    HUGE in every possible, in every imaginable and even unimaginable sense…

    …way “huger” than all the brain power and intuition and feeling of all the human beings, who live and have ever lived and who ever will live, to grasp.

    If we strive to the best of our ability to be open and wiling and work to identify and give-up all the things we carry that block us from God, we are given a chance to live in and “see” as much of HP as we can handle and need to see from our own little, extremely limited, teeny-tiny perspective. And that’s awesome and truly is all we need.

    So, for me, the deal is really that I have to constantly work to put myself in the middle of the stream of knowledge and wisdom that God has for me and that I need to be in in order to best walk the path that most closely aligns my will with God’s will.

    A couple of other things: 1) for me this has absolutely nothing to do with religion; and 2) I find it more conducive to my being in right-relationship with HP for me to always be cognizant of the fact that “God as I understand Him” is, in actual lived experience, “God as I do not understand Him.” It’s very, very dangerous — and has had disastrous consequences for me in the past — to even begin to think that anything I might understand might possibly qualify as “God.”

    This thread is also good:


    …and try to relax about this. LOL! Not an easy thing to do, but, for me, searching too obsessively for my HP has always been a sure way of pushing Him/Her/It away. Turning it over and working and waiting patiently can be a first leap of faith…and taking leaps of faith seems to be, for some reason I, of course, cannot explain, an excellent strategy for truly developing faith.


    BTW, I believe that, as far as Step 2 goes, all you actually have to do is to be willing to believe. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself here, because that can get scary and intimidating.

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