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My own concept of a Higher Power – is this conceited?

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    Hi Spryte,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with Step 2. This Step does not need to be worked, it can be done instantly when you understand what it means and you have willingness (result of working step 1).

    You are trying to figure out what/who God is but as Stereostevo says, at no point in the 12 Steps does it ask you to do that.

    Let’s assume Step 2 says –

    Came to believe that the latest movie out is worth spending my time and money on to make me feel good

    At which stage do you agree with the above statement?

    1) Film critic writes raving review
    2) Partner said film is the best they have ever seen
    3) 5 friends all tell you film is amazing
    4) 50 people here on 12 Step National Meetings tell you is fantastic, not to be missed
    5) Pay out money for ticket, spend two hours of your time, laugh and cry, leave feeling great and only then finally believe that everything in 1,2,3 & 4 was true.

    My guess is that you may believe at stage 1 enough to pay your money and spend your time seeing the movie. If you are a bit cynical it may be at 2 or 3 that you come to believe. If you are a really cynical person I would guess by 4 you would be believe the statement.

    All Step 2 says is “Come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity”

    I love the way that Joe McQ simply describes this in this book The Steps We Took

    Willingness – Step 1
    Belief – Step 2
    Decision – Step 3
    Action – Steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
    Results – Steps 10, 11
    Faith – Step 12

    “…..we said we can believe in Step 2, decide in Step 3 and act in Steps 4, 5,6,7,8 and 9, we will get the Promises in Step 9 and the results in Step 10, and the results of prayer and meditation in Steps 11.
    Now we know. We are people who have faith.”

    In other words, we get our faith at Step 12 as opposed to belief at Step 2.

    Back to your original question, I don’t think you are being conceited. I think you are trying to find God or know God at Step 2.

    Lets go back to the movies and assume the statement says –

    Know that the latest movie out was worth spending my time and money on to make me feel good”

    At which stage do you say the statment to be true?

    It is highly likely that you would say at stage 5 when you had actually spent the time and money (took action) and laughed and cried at it (experienced results of action).

    Can you see the difference in believing in God and knowing God?

    When you do get to Step 12 and know God and have faith after seeing the results you will have a clearer idea of your concept of God, although this may evolve as you continue with spiritual growth.



    Thre way I see it is that you’re either Gnostic or Agnostic. My belief is that everyone who comes to AA is an Agnostic because they are looking for a Spiritual Awakening that they haven’t had yet.
    Also, you don’t need to believe in anything right now. The step goes as such
    “Came to believe that a Higher Power could restore me to sanity.
    It doesn’t say “Came to believe in a Higher Power and that Higher Power could restore me to sanity. Is just suggest you come to believe that some Higher Power could.
    You don’t need to know any specifics about this HP at this time. Just believe.



    I have a question…

    ok HOW do you come to believe???

    See if someone held a gun to my head and said that wall is blue (when it was pink)…I would tell him I believed the wall was blue…but it wouldn’t be true…even if my eyes were closed I wouldn’t really necesssarily believe him

    So…Step one does put the gun to My head…but saying that I believe when in fact I don’t????

    So HOW did people find this belief that an HP or god would restore them to sanity when everything they have expereinced to date is that the power won’t do that???

    Not trying to fuz…truley just trying to understand.

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