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My step one

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    It’s not tough love, just honesty, which for a lot of us, is hard to take at first 😉

    But it’s true, the world is not gonna sit up and take notice that we are doing something we should have all along… Wouldn’t you rather have the truth?



    @Neverthought 2986704 wrote:

    Is AA tough love? I ‘d like to know what it’s really like.

    If anything, Neverthought, you will probably find too much love and acceptance in AA. The problem for me was, love couldn’t get me sober. Support, in the way I thought I needed it, couldn’t get me sober.

    I had all sorts of ideas and theories about what I needed in order to be sober and happy. But the reality was, the truth was, that there I was, once again, drunk and hopeless and demoralized. Obviously, what i thought I needed wasn’t working out for me.

    And there were ‘those people’, sober and happy, promising me that if I was willing to let go of what I thought I needed, and do what they did, I could be sober and happy as well. They were right.



    Well, perhaps that quote I read was not a good example of AA meetings. On the other, hand maybe some need to hear the truth.

    I’m very realistic. Don’t get me wrong. I need help and that is why I picked up the phone and started counciling. And that is why I’m sharing my story and being guided by other’s stories.

    I’ve completely come to terms and let the cat out of the bag and shocked the hell out of my family members. I did this because I wanted to tell the truth. I got tired of watching the clock to see when the state store closed or when it opened on Sunday. Or rationing my pint so that I could wack the last 1/4 down and feel great and go to sleep. I developed a plan that perfected my ability to work, spend time with family, handle my responsibilities and still get that “high”. How crazy is that! I’d drop two pints in the recycling been and bag and trash the rest. Oh, I could go on and on.

    I read some comments on these forms that state this is an exciting part of my life because I’m beating my demond. But after that excitement starts to dwindle, I may be in for one heck of a challenge. Is this true? Is this when one either relapses or takes the next step and joins AA?

Viewing 3 posts - 28 through 30 (of 35 total)

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