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My step one

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    Hi everyone- today is my 4th day of AA. I have a temporary sponsor who seems really nice but is quick to get off the phone and basically just wants me to check in with her each day and tell her which meeting I went to. She told me to just start leaving a message on her voicemail. Not helpful.

    So, what you’re saying is that while you’re looking for help from someone else, the person who’s working with you now isn’t being helpful. Since when are you a judge on what’s helpful or not. If you didn’t need help you wouldn’t be here. Take help where you can get it. Do what your temp is telling you to do and stop trying to second guess her. I’m assuming she’s been to more than 4 or 5 meetings….right?



    Music who ruffled your feathers today? My goodness.



    @March7 2910549 wrote:

    When I was a kid, before I started drinking, I was a type-A overachiever perfectionist, always putting tremendous amounts of pressure on myself to succeed at everything. That, along with some major family problems (my mom had a nervous breakdown and was committed when I was 15) is what initially got me drinking- to escape, to numb, to calm down.

    In AA, we’d call that untreated alcoholism…..and for the mental/spiritual parts, you don’t need to be drinking to suffer from it. The interesting thing is, like you said, alcohol TREATS alcoholism. Odd, huh? 🙂

    That “I need to be a perfectionist, putting pressure on yourself, the NEED to succeed at everything,” …..that stuff is exactly what we talk about when the “spiritual malady” part of the disease is begin discussed.

    As far as “how do you keep the despiration” – well….you’re not drinking anymore. Have those feelings subsided and gone away? My guess is NO. If they haven’t stopped……and they had the power to take you back out to booze before, doesn’t it make sense that they still have the power to take you back to it?

    That puts u in a tricky spot huh? These feelings, thoughts, and principles wrecked you before…..they’re still going on now even though you’re not drinking… guess what they’re going to do again? Take you right back out. So….. the key is to just change how your brain thinks about everything. …..quite the task, no? Probably impossible right? Well, it is (probably) for you just like it is for me. So….in step 1 we just recognize those things as facts. In step 2 we come to believe that there is a solution to all this stuff that’s continuing to run our life. In 3 we decide to seek that power…that answer…. but I’m getting ahead of myself. 🙂

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