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    My sponsor had me read the first chapter on step 1 out of “The Steps We Took”. Than I was to write about myself and how I feel I’m powerless over alcohol and how my life had become unmanagable. I thought ok I could sum it up in a few paragraphs. Well four typed pages later I think I’ve got it. This was a awsome exercise. I looking forward to getting together and going over it with him later this week. This is my work on step 1 for anyone interested.



    Let us know what he thinks about it. A little different approach than I took (Step One was broken out into, the physical aspect of alcoholism (phenomenon of ‘craving’ when alcohol is in my body) and the mental aspect (utter inability to leave it alone regardless of how long it’s been since my last drink, or of the consequence which surely will follow)

    thanks for the post tkdan



    These questions ask for experience not answers. What is your experience with the following considerations, taken from a 1st Ed. Big Book.

    Can you or could you control the amount you drink once you start to drink?

    Do you believe that physical craving would occur if you took a drink today?

    Could you take 2 drinks a day for 30 days? – No more, no less?…

    Does your experience abundantly confirm that once you put alcohol into your system, something happens in the bodily and mental sense, which makes it virtually impossible for you to stop?

    Did you ever drink when you didn’t want to? – Even after swearing drinking off forever?

    Do you believe that Personal Knowledge is of no use with respect to your drinking?

    Do you believe that you will be unable to stop drinking on the basis of self-knowledge?

    Do you believe you have lost the power of choice in drink?

    Do you believe that you have only two choices today?
    A.)To live spiritually or B.) To die an alcoholic death?

    Do you believe you have a spiritual malady which creates unmanageability in your life?

    Do you believe that lack of power is your dilemma?

    Do you believe that a time may come where you will have no effective mental defense against the first drink?

    Do you believe your defense must come from a Higher Power?

    Do you believe that you have to find a power greater than yourself which will solve Your problem?

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