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Need advice about an amend

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have gotten to Step 7 and that was about 2 years ago. I don’t have a sponsor because I live in Japan, and in this rural area there is no English speaking AA groups. Did my step 5 with a friend of mine who is an American Catholic priest in a nearby city in Japan, and that was two years ago. Have not been able to kep sober since I did that.

    I am trying to proceed with the steps. One reason I have felt unable to proceed was being very underemployed these past 2 years and not able to make a financial amend (about $400) to friends in Canada. I thought today that I might have some other amends and want some advice.

    In 2000 when I was still living in Canada I slashed the car tires of two people. One of the cars was of a friend and the other of a man who I played mens’ ice hockey with for about 3 months.

    I have not talked to the friend for at least 15 years and the other guy I have not seen since I stop playing ice hockey with him in 1995. Not sure how would go about making these amends?


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