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    Keep posting.



    You’re doing the right thing. Congratulations:) and keep touching base with people face to face and online.



    Good call. I never did dump my booze…..and guess what? I ended up drinking it…..right down to that last bottle of dry vermouth (nasty stuff….but when that’s all you’ve got…..).

    Even dumping everything, though, didn’t keep me from continuing to buy drinks at restaurants and bars…. and that’s really where step 1’s “Powerless over alcohol” is coming from…. that alcohol WILL always beat us. That there’s no combination of willpower, knowledge, desire, fortitude, etc that will enable you to beat booze…..period. Step 1 doesn’t tell us “you can do it,” “keep trying” or anything like that. The first half of Step 1 is actually telling you (IF you’re an alcoholic) that you CAN’T do this (get sober on your own) or you would have already. It’s telling you that whatever plans you have to stay sober…….chuck ’em. YOU can’t get you sober.

    The second half of step 1 is basically the same thing…….only instead of covering your drinking habits, it covers everything else – ie, you’re a poor manager of your life.

    Step 1 IS NOT: admitting you’re an alcoholic (as so many outside the program mistakenly believe). While it’s vital to know that you’re an alcoholic, Step 1 goes much deeper than just knowing/admitting there’s a problem.

    good for you though, MustChange….. long term sobriety is where it’s at. You’ll find a TON of advice on this board. Some good, some not so good…….and there will likely bee heaping piles of each. Look for the folks who’ve got a track-record of success and who seem to be happy about their sobriety……. “stick with the winners” as they say.


Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 8 total)

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