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    my name is crystal. my fiance is an alcoholic. he admits it but doesnt want help from anyone but me. i dont know how to help. i am a recovered alcoholic myself but i did it on my own with no meetings, no 12 steps, and no help. so i dont how to help him. his alcoholism is affecting our relationship. please help.



    You are his fiance, not his nurse, doctor, counselor, sponsor… Detach with love and support, but detach from his alcoholism…

    AA is a wonderful program… Maybe you can take him to a meeting? Seriously, I heard a guy last night share, 20 years sober… he credits a woman who cared enough to take him to a few meetings (she was not an alkie)… than she cared enough to let him find a sponsor and work the program…

    WOW, I always hear just the thing I need to hear, either for myself or somebody else..




    The greatest physicians in the world, the holiest of holy men and every significant other of every alcoholic that has graced the earth has been where you are….what to do for this drunk.
    What should I say?
    What can I do?
    Are there some magic words I can say,
    spell I can have cast,
    pledge I can make?

    Make your own decisions, but be informed. The method that has the worst track record of success is any method that involves doing it “my way”. Until you become convinced that there is little you can do alone other than prolong the illness, You may be as much of a problem as you are a solution. Some time talking to Alanon people with help you understand that. What you desire is admirable, and I think your efforts will be best directed at getting YOU informed, and Alanon can do that. Information for Alanon can be found here:

    Welcome to Al-Anon and Alateen

    And on this forum:

    [url=http://www. and Family of Alcoholics – SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information[/url]

    Things can be different. And better. Keep at it.

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