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    Hello fellow addicts. I’m having an awful time with the third step. I really would like some feedback on how you did it and what the third step means to you? I so long for that spirtual awarness and connection that I see others have. How do I get there? What am I supposed to do? My sponsor says to pray or put things out in the universe. I do…sometimes. My connection is not direct and I don’t get the warm and fuzzies. WTF AM I DOING WRONG??



    Hello dredre23, welcome to the 12 Step National Meetings NA step study forum.

    I see this is your first post, and based on your questions, you’ve probably overlooked the NA sub-forums on each of the 12 steps. Many members here have posted their experiences, ideas and opinions on the steps there…you may want to check it out.

    …how you did it and what the third step means to you?

    The 3rd step simply says we made a decision…so that’s what I did…made a decision. So many of us interpret this step to say that we turned our wills and lives over, but that’s not something that can occur immediately, and IMO it can take most of us a lifetime to do (if at all) because sell-will is ever-present. This step simply means to me that, because the NA program is God-given, I’ve decided to work (and live) it to the best of my ability. I follow up my decision with action by working the rest of the steps.

    How do I get there? What am I supposed to do?

    Stay clean a day at a time and continue working the steps.


    Comparing? There’s is nothing wrong with wanting a strong “spiritual” awareness or connection with your HP, but it’s important to understand that each of us gets to that place at our own pace. It will happen for you when it’s suppose to.


    ps. here’s a couple of links to discussions on step 3 in the 3rd step forum:





    Keep in mind it is a 12 step program…not a 3 step progam.

    Every step brings us closer to our higher power.

    I agree with Gmoney…it’s about making a decision.

    Have you defined the word “decision”? When I was where you are, I began focusing on the meaning of that particular word at the suggestion of others in the progam who had worked all the steps. I believe I posted what I learned about the word “decide” in another post in the Step 3 section.

    I made a committment to work the rest of the steps, in order, to the best of my ability.


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